Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Our 2013 year in review

Hickman Family 2013 #flipagram made with @flipagram Music: Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A visit from the Mentes

Amy and Rusty came to visit for a weekend. We took them to Yellowstone on Saturday and had a fun filled day and got to eat buffalo burgers. The kids got to play and hang out in our basement. I enjoyed the time we had to visit. It was sad to see them go. Carson cried. Hopefully we will see them soon.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

Happy Father's day to Chris, my wonderful husband and father to our 4 beautiful children.  I am so lucky to have such a great guy and loving father to our kids. Chris is very much involved with the kids and teaches them so much. I love my family so much.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Riley is 11 months old

Riley is so much fun now. She is crawling really good and stands on her own. The other day she took a step and then fell. She is getting close to walking already.  She makes lots of different noises. She claps, gives 5, and knows where her binky is. It's really funny when you ask her where her binky is she tries to give it to you. She is finally sleeping through the night now. I love it! Riley weighs 20 1/2 lbs. and measures 27 1/2 in. long. She is so sweet and also adventurous. She gets into all the cabinets.  We just love her. I can't believe how big she is already.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Riley is 10 mo. Old.

Riley turned 10 mo. on May 2nd. She is getting so big. She started crawling about 3weeks ago. She's starting to get into everything.  We had to get out the playyard aka "the cage". She is saying Mama, Dada, baba, something like "what's that". Riley shakes her head no, claps, raises her arms up over her head, waves hi and bye, and lots more. She likes to immitate what you do and say. She is such a curious active baby. She pulls herself up on everything too. She sleeps through the night about 1/2 the time. She loves putting everything in her mouth. She still only has 2 bottom teeth. She can be a handful and throw fits. She lets you know when she is not happy. Overall she's a happy little girl though.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

California/Disney Spring Break

The kids had spring break April 4-9th and we decided (very last minute) to go to California and visit Jason and Kate, do the car show fun stuff, and most of all-take the kids to Disneyland and California Adventure. It was a long drive, but we had tons of fun.  I'm so excited that we got to finally go to Disneyland this year.  Chris and my 15th Anniversary is coming up the end of the month and we thought we could also make this trip an Anniversary get away for the whole family.  Last time we went to Disneyland it was our 10 year Anniversary get away with just Holly.  So hopefully we can make it a 5 year tradition to take the kids to Disneyland-we will see.  We did a lot with the short amount of time that we had. 

Riley is 9mo. old

Riley turned 9 mo. old on April 2nd.  She is such an active little girl.  She is still army crawling, she gets up on her knees, but then falls back down on her belly to get around.  She is pulling herself up on everything now.  She is very curious and can move around very well in her walker.  Riley loves to play with her siblings.  She is sleeping through the night- most nights.  She is a very wiggly girl, but then loves to be held.  She is just taking it all in and learning so much.  She says mama, dada, shakes her head "no" and claps.  She weighs 19.5 lbs.

 Easter Sunday
  Riley with her cousin Darren down in California. Riley is 6 weeks older than Darren.